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Step 1: The first application of the season includes dormant oil to control a wide range of mite and insect pests during the egg stage. This treatment will wipe out threats of spider and eriophyid mites, armored and soft scales, mealy bugs, whiteflies, aphids, leaf rollers and many more.


Step 2: A BladeRunner technician will administer a dose of spring fertilizer along with an organic-based fertilizer.


Steps 3-5: Three consecutive treatments of insect and disease control are applied  by one of our trained technicians that will eliminate mites, whiteflies, aphids, etc. along with various types of fungi.


Step 6: The sixth application includes a fall organic-based fertilization treatment.


Step 7: The last treatment of the season includes another round of dormant oil to stop overwintering pests from taking refuge in your ornamentals.

We will inject a high-quality nutrient solution combined with a powerful systemic insecticide directly into the root zone of shrubs and/or trees. The pressure that is used to inject the solution also helps aerate the surrounding soil, allowing more oxygen to reach the root system. This beneficial service will also improve microbial activity and nutrient levels within the soil. Call BladeRunner today for a FREE consultation!

When diseases strike your ornamentals, it’s important to call BladeRunner before the disease has a chance to spread or take over completely. We offer the quickest and most effective solutions to any disease that threatens the health of your ornamentals.

BladeRunner is equipped to keep your ornamentals safe from such pests as mealy bugs, whiteflies, aphids, scale and mites. In addition to our insect control treatments, we also utilize dormant oil to snuff out overwintering insects before they emerge to damage your trees and shrubs. Call one of our experts at BladeRunner today for the very best insect control applications!

Dormant oil is comprised of all-natural ingredients that offer your ornamentals guaranteed protection against overwintering insects. While this treatment will suffocate insects and insect eggs, it is completely harmless to family pets or children that may come into contact with the solution. Call today for more details on this innovative process!

Has extreme weather had a negative impact on your trees and shrubs? Let our lawn care specialists protect your ornamentals all year long with Wilt-Pruf. This treatment protects evergreens, rhododendrons, azaleas, hollies, boxwood, laurel and other ornamentals from moisture loss that occurs from hot or cold drying winds. Call us today for more details and a FREE consultation on this exceptional service!

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