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BladeRunner is committed to preventing many insects from entering your home by treating it consistently. Our perimeter pest treatments help keep pests outside. From door jams to windows and any crevices in between, we’ll spray superior pest control applications to keep your home bug free.

BladeRunner can apply a liquid application to your turf, shrubs and trees to help control mosquitoes as needed.

Fleas and ticks are not really a problem for your lawn, but their presence can be a big problem for you and your family. These blood-sucking pests often find their way into your home by attaching themselves to the fur of a family pet or on our clothing. Once inside, fleas can quickly take over and prove difficult to remove without the help of a trained BladeRunner Professional. Ticks pose a serious health risk and should be promptly eliminated.

To help make your outdoor living more enjoyable, we can help with common nuisance insects such as Ants, Box Elder bug, Crickets, Flies, Scorpions, Water bugs, Centipedes, Spiders and many more. If you have a Bee hive in your yard, we can put you in contact with a local Beekeeper!

Moles and gophers can make quite a mess of your lawn, but our pest control agents have it covered. We will inspect your lawn and determine where moles and gophers are causing the most problems. Our pest control regimen includes a mole/gopher control program that is effective with two visits. During the first visit we will inspect your lawn and create assessment holes into the tunnels. Once the tunnels have been flagged, we will come back for a second visit and inspect the assessment holes to locate active tunnels and place bait into the tunnels. Due to the behavior of Moles you may need additional services. For more information call Bladerunner.

Moles have one litter each year, which can include two to six offspring. Moles give birth anywhere from mid-April through May, with the young moles emerging as early as April through mid-June. The final dispersal can last through late fall and early winter. Since moles don’t hibernate, the final dispersal can result in severe lawn damage which won’t be evident until the surface thaws. Let the pest control specialists at BladeRunner keep your lawn protected from destructive moles this season!

Mole activity and tunneling can separate the grass roots from the soil, resulting in yellowing grass that will eventually die from a lack of access to water and nutrients. If your turf feels soft or mushy when stepped on, it’s time to call on the best pest control in Tulsa! Let our pest control specialists deliver lasting and effective mole control to your landscape this season!

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