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Our 7-step program will protect both the inside and outside of your home by treating your attic or crawl spaces, between your walls, behind cabinets and all around the perimeter of your home. If bugs come back after we’ve treated your home, call us and one of our technicians will return and re-treat at no additional charge. This program excludes termites.

You can count on the best pest control in Tulsa when you call BladeRunner. Our pest control services include: Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Scorpions, Fleas, Ticks and other crawling insects. We’ll come into your home and treat with a fine mist spray around base boards, behind appliances (if accessible)  up in corners, and place little traps with bait if needed.  We will also treat the perimeter of your home.

Once the system has been installed by one of our trained technicians, we will schedule follow-up visits with you to ensure the system is working properly. If there are any problems with the stations, they will be replaced so that the elimination of termites can go uninterrupted. For premium pest control in Tulsa and surrounding area such as Broken Arrow, Owasso, Skiatook, Sand Springs, Jenks, Glenpool, Bixby and Sapulpa, call BladeRunner today!

BladeRunner technicians utilize Termidor, a liquid barrier treatment for termites. Termites coming into contact with Termidor will transmit it back to the colony where other termites will also be infected. BladeRunner is the best of all the Tulsa pest control companies; call today for a FREE consultation!

BladeRunner technicians are thoroughly trained to perform all your termite extermination services. We are licensed through the Department of Agriculture and are insured to perform termite extermination.

Our exterminators have experience with other wood-boring insects such as Wood Bees and Carpenter Ants that can cause damage to your home. We will inspect your entire home to determine potential threats and set a plan of attack in motion to keep your home safe from these insects. For the best pest control in Tulsa, call BladeRunner today!

Bladerunner has many years of experience in controlling mice and rats. Call us today for more information. Did you know a family of 6 mice can grow to 50-60 mice in only 90 days? Mice can fit through a ¼ inch opening, or the diameter of a little finger. Norway Rat has smaller ears, shorter tail and a Blunt Nose vs the Roof Rat.  A Roof Rat has larger ears, longer tail and a pointed Nose. Rats can easily climb in small spaces between two surfaces, such as between a drainage pipe and the outside of a building.  From a standstill, rats can vertically jump almost 2ft

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